Q. ​How long will it last?

​A. Microblading and shaded Brows can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on skin type (normal, oily, dry), age(youth, mature) and lifestyle (retinol creams, sun exposure, chemical peels). On average most people will want a refreshment around 18 months. Because the pigment is only embedding in the top dermal layer of the skin Microblading and shaded Brows will fade over time.

Q. Am I a good candidate for Microblading?

A. Microblading has become a very popular service that lots of woman and men are turning towards to achieve their most perfect brow! In this post I want to discuss some of the common issues or conditions that can affect the microblading results.  Depending on your skin type, medications, products, and certain health conditions the results of microblading can vary greatly from person to person.  To ensure optimal results with microblading we must first determine if you are an ideal candidate for microblading at this time.

First let’s discuss skin type. The oiler the skin the more varying the result can be. Oily skin can blur the hair strokes together causing more of a blended more powdered look. In some cases there may be no retention of the microblading at all due to the constant production of oil pushing the pigment out of the skin.  If you are on the oily side this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot do microblading. Just know that it is a possibility that your hair strokes may look a little more blurred than and not as crisp as other skin types. The oiler you are the more touch-ups you may need to achieve the desired result.
If your skin is more prone to complications with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or dermatitis, chances are it’s in a constant state of unease and sensitivity. Irritated and sensitive skin types will bleed easily resulting in poor retention of the pigment and a less than desirable result of microblading. This also applies for very thin skin. Thin skin will not be tolerate the microblading as well resulting in excessive bleeding and poor retention of the pigment.

As a precaution, if you are pregnant or nursing you must wait until after you are finished before having the microblading procedure. Other temporary contraindications for microblading would be chemical peels, laser treatments, the use of Retin A products or prescription acne products (except Accutane) all need to be stopped 4 weeks before the microblading treatment. Accutane would need to be stopped at least 6 months before the microblading procedure. These are all things that exfoliate, thin, and make the top layer of skin sensitive. The top layer needs to regenerate back to a normal thickness before the treatment can be performed.  If you regularly receive Botox, 2 weeks before or after your microblading treatment is recommended.  Refraining from alcohol 24 hours before will ensure the best results. Besides the skin being dehydrated, alcohol prevents blood from clotting. Limiting caffeine the day of the treatment will also lead to optimal results as caffeine speeds up the blood flow!

If you have any of the following conditions a doctor’s advice may be needed prior to performing the microblading treatment. Medications that thin the blood or the use of a daily Aspirin or the like will need to be stopped days before the treatment. Diabetes, Epilepsy, or heart conditions depending on the severity may not be ideal for microblading. Wounds tend to heal a lot slower with Diabetes, so careful observation of the healing process will be needed to ensure that an infection does not occur. Similarly with cancer or chemotherapy the body’s immune system is compromised and infection can occur more easily. If you currently have cancer or are going through treatments microblading cannot be done at this time. Clients just finishing chemotherapy treatments should wait at least 6 months before having the microblading procedure.  If you have allergies to anesthetics, if you have liver disease, Lupus, or a severe autoimmune disease microblading cannot be preformed.

The results of your microblading rely heavily on the health and quality of your skin! If you have any of the conditions above, waiting until the appropriate time and having a more realistic expectation for your skin condition will lead to a more pleasing outcome with microblading! If you have any questions on other conditions or products we did not discuss feel free to contact me or talk to your doctor about it.

A. Both are a tattoo. Microblading and shaded Brows are done with a manual tool not a machine. The manual technique gives us complete control and softer realistic look whereas with a machine, the eyebrow created is more of a solid, stark unrealistic brow. With Microblading and Shaded brows the pigment is not implanted as deep as traditional tattooed brows. The needle is much smaller and thinner than with traditional tattoo brows. This has many benefits; we can achieve very precise, crisp natural looking hair strokes, there is less pain, the color will fade instead of fading to a different color permanently, and lastly with Microblading and Shaded brows the damaged caused to the skin is much less than traditional tattooed brows.


Q. Microblading vs shading,

Q. Does it hurt

A. There is slight discomfort. Pain is relative to each individual’s tolerance. For most clients the pain is very tolerable. A numbing cream is applied prior to etching. 30 min wait time is required to numb. The numbing cream agent lasts for 2 hours. A numbing liquid will be applied after the skin is open which is after our first pass of etching. From then on you should be close to complete numb.

Q What should I expect

A.First we will schedule a consultation. During the consultation I will show you the difference in your brows and how we can achieve symmetry and shape. We will decide on which technique and color to use, discuss further about the treatment steps and aftercare, perform a patch test, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can do your consultation through email if that better suits your schedule. Then we will schedule and complete your brow procedure. A touch up will be needed about 4-6 weeks after the initial brow procedure.  After this you will schedule your touch up as you see fit for your skin.

​Q. Will it fade

A. Microblading and shading will not fade completely even throughout the brow. The skin will attack certain areas and strokes and those will appear lighter than others.  When you start to notice some spots or strokes are lighter than others this is when you will have your touch up appointment. This appointment could be anywhere from 8 months to 2 years, on average around 18 months. The amount of time before you need the touchup appointment will depend on skin type and lifestyle as well as how particular you are with the appearance of your brows.